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Source &

by The Spiritual Messenger

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Clarity from
the source.

Meet Kelli of Source & Spirit, proven psychic medium and spiritual mentor, who connects you to Source messages with empowering accuracy so you can heal and transform with clarity. 
My passion is helping others to access their psychic and other abilities, reducing the anxiety that accompanies misunderstanding those abilities, and connecting with their guides and loved ones in the spirit world. Allow me to walk with you, to help you bring clarity, calm, and peace to your life and spiritual path.

The Spiritual Messenger and Source & Spirit
Psychic Medium and Advisor
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"What an incredible experience! Kelli is one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever met! She genuinely cares about every individual and their journey. She is a blessing to anyone that comes in contact with her.

Kelli’s environment is comfortable and welcoming, and you can never get enough time with her.

I often wonder how I made it this far without Kelli and her tribe! I just want to hold on to them all and NEVER let go!"

 ~ Julie M.

"The time I got with her was simply amazing! I feel so much physical, spiritual relief."

~ Deseraie C.

"I knew Kelli was the real deal when she told me things no one could have known. My  grandma showed up during my reading and gave Kelli  information that no one else had, things I said to my grandma while she was on hospice and basically unconscious. It wasn't just general stuff, she had details about my conversation that I didn't even think my grandma heard me say. Kelli has an amazing gift and heart to match. She can help."

~ Ken E.

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