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Who is Kelli?

Born on an autumn night, Kelli arrived with more than just the usual gifts of life. Her childhood was not only marked by her sensitivity, but also an unusual openness to the spiritual realm, hinting at an extraordinary psychic medium ability that would become her life's work.

Despite confronting numerous dark energies during her formative years, Kelli showed courage in facing these challenges, using them to strengthen her resolve and broaden her spiritual insight. Her bravery brought out the light in seemingly impenetrable darkness.

Over time, Kelli expanded her knowledge in diverse fields such as metaphysics, meditation, mediumship, holistic healing, and more, honing her sensitivity and intuitive prowess within the spirit realm. She discovered a unique talent for visualizing past lives and identifying soul connections.

A crucial contributor to numerous paranormal teams, Kelli's work often involved shielding investigators from harmful energies, channeling spirits, and gathering insightful information. Among her many encounters with the supernatural, a standout moment was her communication with an iconic spirit from American history, who had connected with her through dreams weeks before their investigation. In other instances, she used her abilities to assist in solving missing person cases from across the country.

She passionately educates individuals on recognizing energy blocks and resolving spiritual issues. Her daily interaction with spirits, receiving messages to pass on to loved ones, not only changes lives but continues to astonish both herself and others.

Through Source & Spirit, Kelli continues her mission of illumination, guidance, and bridging connections to source.

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