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Who is Kelli Clair?

"Welcome to the world, Kelli Clair," her mother said on a beautiful fall night. Little did she know, her bundle of joy came with a bundle of gifts. Kelli was brought into this world with psychic medium abilities. She was sensitive and open to spirit from as far back as her early childhood.


Having many violent run ins with dark energies growing up, Kelli has never been afraid to face these challenges and bring out the light. 
Kelli has a vast knowledge in metaphysics, meditation, channeling, mediumship, Holistic remedies, and much more. She is extremely sensitive and intuitive within the spirit realm, which perfects her readings and teachings. She has an amazing niche for visualizing past lives and soul connections. She has a deep connection to the divine and has been validated on her abilities.


Kelli has worked with several well-known paranormal teams as a behind the scene Medium collecting information, shielding, and channeling spirit. One of her finer moments and memories was being able to communicate and channel a spirit from American History. This individual not only reached out to her during the investigation, but came to her in dream form for several weeks prior. Kelli has also helped solve missing person cases from across the country using her abilities.


Kelli has donated her time and knowledge over the years along with kits she puts together to help heal, calm, protect and teaches individuals to recognize forms of energy blocks and problems. Kelli has a deep passion for what she does on a daily basis in communicating with spirits to receive messages to give to loved ones and change the lives of others. Her abilities continue to amaze herself and others around her.


Kelli has several living and non-living friends that she welcomes along with her family into her home on a daily basis. This is just a normal day in the life of a medium. One thing with Kelli is what you see is what you get. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and live her truth. If she pulls spirit in the grocery store for a passing stranger, there is nothing that will hold her back to share this message.

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